Articles by Nathan P. Gibson


21 Actors Who Gave Up After One Movie

It is very unusual for an actor to appear in just one film before calling it a day and quitting the profession. After all, there are so many movies and television shows made every year that there seem...


20 Video Game Rumors (That Turned Out To Be Real)

Fans always find a way to come up with fan theories or myths about their favorite franchises. It doesn’t matter whether they are video games, movies, or television shows, there will no doubt be rumors...


20 Classic Games You Forgot Were Getting Remakes

Video game remakes have proved to be a big hit over the last few years. With consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One providing a big jump in performance, older titles can be given technical an...


Breaking Bad: 20 Times Walter White Went Too Far

Walter White is one of the greatest television characters of all time and the main reason why Breaking Bad is widely regarded as a masterpiece. Throughout the run of the series, he transforms from an ...


20 Spider-Man Toys We Wish Were Never Made

Spider-Man has remained one of the most popular comic book heroes ever since his introduction in the 1960s. With successful television shows and several blockbuster movies based on the character, it s...

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