Articles by Michele Villery

12 Of The Best Book To Film Adaptions


These days everyone is either rebooting or adapting a book. In some cases, the adaption is faithful to the word and works out beautifully. Other times, the film goes in another direction from the book...

15 Celebs Over 40 That Still Got It


Who doesn’t love a guy that’s sexy, smart and fun with an air of mischievous intent? Whether it’s a devilish grin or a wink, it also doesn’t hurt matters if they’re also easy on the eyes. So, where ca...

12 Of The Most Memorable Prince Songs


There are Kings and Queens, but there is only one Prince. Prince Rogers Nelson was one of the most prolific artists of our generation. Whether it’s performing classic hits or penning songs on social i...

12 Romantic Films That Give Us Life


It’s a rainy weekend and you and your friends are sitting around in your pj’s eating copious amounts of junk food while pondering one of life’s most important questions, “Is there truly a Mr. Right?”