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13 Total BS Things Friends Say To Each Other

When a close girlfriend is in need, sometimes the only thing to do is to make up a little white lie (or a big one) in order to get that friend out of a funk. Perhaps she has been down in the dumps ove...


15 Guys Confess What Turns Them Off The Most

Women are always wondering what turns their crushes, dates, boyfriends, and husbands on, but perhaps they ought to take a moment to think about what may be turning them off instead. Sure, paying atten...


13 Celebs Sons Way Hotter Than Their Hot Fathers

When it comes to famous male celebs in Hollywood, hotness always keeps the fans interested. We’ve all embarrassingly ogled super-sexy hunky heartthrobs on the small or big screen or in concert arenas ...


13 Pics Of Twins That Will Freak You Out

Obviously identical twins look alike, that’s the whole idea. But some pairs look so similar to each other, it is borderline freaky. From the top of their heads to the tips of their toes, not even thei...


12 Pics Of People Destroyed By Permanent Makeup

With makeup trends that come and go as fast as a Hollywood romance, it’s a wonder that people make the life-changing choice to get permanent makeup tattooed onto their face. It’s one thing if you have...


12 Actors Who Were Caught Cheating With Co-Stars

Many of us have had wild fantasies of being with our favorite celeb crushes, but due to the fact that 99.9% of us will never have the chance to meet them, let alone get “romantical,” nothing near nook...

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15 Ways You're Cleaning Yourself Wrong

We’re grown-ups now, so we would like to think we’ve got the whole “cleaning ourselves” thing down. As babies and children, our parents changed our dirty poopy diapers, helped us bathe and shampoo, an...


14 Celeb Hairstyles That Were Just NO

Celebrities have access to some of the finer things in life we “common folk” will never get our hands on. They have personal assistants, personal stylists, personal trainers, and personal chefs. Seems...

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14 Gross Habits Even YOU Are Guilty Of

We all have our habits; they are a part of human nature. That said, generally speaking, the ones we do in public or reveal to our friends are usually positive or at least not downright disgusting. The...

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