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16 Atrocious Male Celeb Makeup Fails

Men wearing makeup may not be the norm, but these days, we're seeing more and more guys doing the makeup thing, especially actors and musicians. Self-expression and creativity play a part in the growi...


13 Chubby Celeb Guys We Think Are Super Hot

When it comes to Hollywood standards, the same rules simply don’t seem to apply to both genders. Women are expected to be slim, yet “filled out” in all the right places. Sure, there has been a growing...


12 Signs You're Never Going To Get Over Him

It’s true, breaking up is hard to do. Especially if you were the one who was painfully dumped. Friends and family may urge you to get over your ex and move on, but it can be more difficult than hoped ...


12 Ways To Please Him So Good He'll Never Cheat

There is not a woman in the world who wants to give a blip of a thought to the notion that her man would cheat on her, or worse, already has. Some men are born cheaters it seems, and even the most “pe...


12 Female Celebs And What They REALLY Weigh!

Celebrities’ bodies are always on display, whether in larger-than-life form on the big screen, parading across glitzy red carpets, or splashed across the pages of glossy gossip rags or fashion mags. B...


12 Things Guys Hate To See You Do On A First Date

First dates can be nerve-wracking, and any gal who is headed off on one is surely majorly nervous and beyond anxious. Whether it is a blind date, a set-up by a mutual friend, an online dating site fir...


15 Things All Women Do Before Going To Bed

Many women are creatures of habit, and lots of these habits are universal among the “fairer” gender. Sure, we all have our own personal ways of doing our thing, but pre-bedtime, you will be hard-press...


12 Of The Most Common Male Fantasies

While most “average Joe” fellas will not ever have the opportunity to act on them, males have fantasies that are always entering their minds, sometimes 24/7. Perhaps they got the idea from browsing th...

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