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15 Perfect Reaction Gifs

The only thing better than a picture is a moving picture -- aka GIFs. Many people have started to use GIFS as a reaction to news to a meme, etc. Have you ever seen a GIF and thought “OMG, that is SO m...


15 Life Lessons From Riverdale So Far

Things are not as they seem in Riverdale. The CW show based on the infamous and beloved Archie comics is not light-hearted and fun like what you remember. Instead, the characters you know (like girl-n...


15 Celebrity Tattoos And Their Meaning

Tattoos are definitely not for everyone, but some people just love them, and that includes celebrities. Stars sometimes have to get pretty subtle tats so they won't interfere with their roles on TV sh...


15 Female Celebs Who Aren't Feminists

Feminist: it's definitely a charged word. Some people interpret it as meaning women are greater than men. Some feminists feel oppressed by men and want to burn their bras and stop shaving. Others inte...


15 Celebs Who Actually Hate Their Fame

Many of us dream about the perks of fame: the money, the attention, and all the pretty faces. But for some celebs, fame is definitely not all it is cracked up to be. With fame comes a price: you have ...


15 Of Miley's Craziest Outfits

How do we describe Miley Cyrus’ taste in fashion? Eccentric is an understatement. She may have started as your average teen girl but now she's a mega superstar who wears seriously wacky outfits. She h...


15 Holiday Gifts Every Guy Wants To Receive

Christmas may be a fun time of year, but it's no secret that gift shopping is a total hassle. Sometimes you just never know what the other person wants! Some people resort to gift cards (which is tota...


15 Funny Ladies We Love

Unfortunately, we all know that ladies are just as funny as guys, but female comedians are not taken as seriously or thought of as funny. We know that's not true! And it's downright insulting. So many...

Girl Talk

15 Ways To Relieve Stress

Whether you're overwhelmed with work or personal issues, everyone experiences stress at one point or another. Usually this feeling passes, but if you find yourself constantly stressed, you should cons...


15 Musicals You Need To See

Nothing can’t be made better with a little song and dance. Musicals come in all types of genres—sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always breathtaking. There is something magical about the talent ...

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