Articles by Maya V


15 Things To Know About Dating An Only Child

Dating an only child can be quite quite difficult and stressful but what you will learn in this article is that it can be so worth it. These people have most likely been brought up with an abundance o...


15 Truths To Why You're Still STILL Single

Some women are single because they want it that way. They feel OK being by themselves, they are extremely independent and treasure their freedom above anything. But there is this other type of unattac...


15 Really Annoying Things That Couples Do

Two people in love tend to dress alike, spend hours facing one another, not paying attention to the rest of the world, and all in all they can’t stand the thought of being separated even for one hour....


15 Gestures That Mean He Truly Loves You

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me… If the petals of the daisy were a reliable indicator of his true feelings for you, then on each girl’s balcony would be at least ten pots with the miraculous...