Articles by Lisa Vander

15 Embarrassing Issues And How To Cover Them Up


So, this is not normally my area of expertise as I am far more experienced writing about relationships and lifestyle choices. However, this morning I was sitting here agonizing over the awful canker s...

15 First Fights That Signal A Doomed Relationship


Fighting…ugh… Every girl knows the first fight is inevitable, but it is dreaded and avoided nonetheless. The first fight brings so many new and often uncomfortable issues to the relationship. What are...

15 Best Ways To Manage Your First Fight


Isn’t being in love grand? Those first few months of your new relationship when everything is romance and roses. Everything is telling you this one is “the one.” Then suddenly he forgets a major commi...

15 Signs Your Boyfriend And Bestie Are Meant To Be


So… you’re out with your man and a bunch of friends, including your very best friend. On your way back from the ladies’ room, you notice that they seem to be sitting a little too close together. Their...