Articles by Anthony Leclair


18 Times YouTube Pranks Went Wrong

It cannot have escaped anyone's notice that there are quite a few pranks to be found on the YouTube circuit. Of course, by "just a few," we mean an unruly amount of pranks that litter YouTube from top...


20 Female Celebs Who Rose From The Ashes

Everyone has had that moment in their life where they feel like nothing could get very much worse. Well, rest assured that, for many of us at least, there are always celebrities out there who have had...


20 Creatures We Really Wish Had Fewer Legs

There are some pretty crazy creatures out there in the world. No one should be surprised about that at all. It's just a terrifying reality that we have to face every day (especially if living in Australia or near the Amazon).


20 Lego Sets Based On Your Favorite Sitcoms

Let's start with a rhetorical question here...who here actually doesn't like LEGO!? Yeah, that's what we thought. Everyone loves this stuff and for good reason. It is amazing the number of people who ...