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10 Healthy Superfoods To Add To Your Diet

"Superfood" is a buzzword that is often thrown around in the wellness world. The truth is so many natural foods are “superfoods” because they provide our bodies with so many different vitamins, minera...

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10 Ways To Get Over Your Post-Travel Blues

A great trip can be one of the most elating experiences of your life. But, the sad reality is that adventurous travel always promises one huge comedown: the post-travel blues. Returning back home and ...


12 Easy Yoga Poses That Relieve Stress

Stress sucks. Once one thing stresses you out, it seems to pile over into every other aspect of your life. Work is rough and suddenly making Easy Mac seems far too overwhelming. The thing about stress...

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12 Reasons You Need To Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a vibrant country with so much to offer. World-class beaches and surf breaks, great cascading waterfalls, romantic sunsets, lush jungle treks with endless flora and fauna, and towering a...

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10 Of The Most Visited Places In The World

With a world so huge and filled with so many people, there are so many different places to visit and sites to see. People of diverse interests are inspired to visit different places, but there are int...

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10 Tips For Solo Female Travelers

I am a female and a passionate world traveler. And, much to my parent’s dismay, I travel solo a lot. In fact, I often prefer to travel alone. There is something magical about setting off on a grand ad...


11 Reasons You Should Try To Meditate

Nowadays, there are so many different options that are good for your health, it becomes difficult to decide which one is actually beneficial for you. With every kind of class possible, and the new yea...

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