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15 Drag Queens Who Are Hotter Than You


Defined as a person, usually male, who dresses in an exaggerated form of femininity, the drag queen has basically been around forever. That's right, with the first drag queen seen on screen in the 193...

15 Celebs We All Forgot Existed


Just like a number of other things in the world, celebrities, unfortunately, come and go, acting as a conveyor belt for the next big talent. Going from the hot spicy new flavor of one week to being di...

15 Hottest Doctors On TV Of All Time


What is it about doctors that we just find so attractive? Well, with the phenomenon actually becoming something of an actual real life thing, a variety of studies have been done on the matter. That's ...

15 Reasons Dating Was WAY Better Back Then


These days dating is as easy as anything. From social media to putting an ad in the paper, everybody is accessible through the joys of modern technology. Although this may seem positive, it can also h...

15 Types Of Men: Which One Do You Prefer?


Like a number of other things in life, men come in all different shapes and sizes. From your Brad Pitt's, Will Smith's, and Leonardo DiCaprio's to your Ben Stiller's, Danny DeVito's, and Sylvester Sta...

15 Celebrities Who Support Trump


At only 250 years old, The USA is not only one of the most powerful countries in the entire world but also the most prominent. Exceptionally good at knowing how to 'make a scene', this years race for ...

15 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay


Thankfully in this day and age, coming out of the closet is no longer a big deal, not like it used to be anyway. With uncertainty that your career would survive, in fear of being type cast or even wor...

15 Of The Hottest Scenes In Film


With the wonderful world of cinema able to make the simplest of objects look a billion times better than they actually are, things such as food, art, and even passion can seem like the most beautiful ...

15 Signs Your Male BFF Is Crushing On You


Since the beginning of time people have been asking the same old question, can men and women just be friends? With even a whole movie dedicated to the theory, When Harry Met Sally openly discusses the...

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