Articles by Kristen Schulte

Mean Girls Cast: Where Are They Now?


Over the years countless films have left their mark, allowing the fans to every now and then reminisce. While the 80's had The Breakfast Club, the 90's had Clueless, and in 2004 we were all honored wi...

15 Life Lessons From Meredith Grey


We have all had days where we just can't seem to get a grip and the one thing that seems to help many of us is quotes or advice from others. Funny thing is, Meredith Grey (Grey's Anatomy) has been a g...

15 Signs It Is Time To Give Up On Him


On a rare occasion do you ever end a relationship without having a clue as to why you wanted to end it in the first place. In fact, it seems a bit admirable when you are putting yourself out there in ...

How He Will Break Your Heart Based On His Zodiac


If you have ever had your heart broken you know how painful it can be especially when it comes from someone you cared so deeply about. Heartbreak is something I wouldn't ever wish upon even my worst e...

What His Turn Offs Are Based On His Zodiac

Girl Talk

Everyone has a limit when it comes to the things they like and don't like but what if I told you the zodiacs could predict what turns off some men? Then women would not have to always second guess wha...

15 Habits Of A Lazy AF Person

Girl Talk

We all get lazy sometimes and others tend to take it to extremes. Relaxing every once in awhile isn't such a bad thing but when you start to put your dreams on hold that is when being lazy can become ...

15 Habits Of An Optimistic Person

Girl Talk

Have you ever encountered a super enthusiastic and positive person and wondered what makes them so happy all the time? In our busy lifestyles, it can get tough to redirect our mindsets into thinking i...

15 Memes Every Single Girl Can Relate To


Being single can most certainly have it's highs and lows-- and sometimes flying solo is way better than dating or in some cases being stuck in a toxic relationship. That being said, being single can r...

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