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Meghan Markle's Wax Figure Is Stunning


It is just us or does soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle's complexion look a bit waxy these days? Oh, wait! That's just her wax twin who has been newly created and now resides at the Madame Tussauds attra...

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Back Together?


Is is true? Is Jelena back together again? We'll let you be the judge. Sources say that Selena Gomez's recent Instagram post is a sign that she is thinking about her former other half, Justin Bieber.

Grind-able Eyeshadow Boasts No Fallout

Girl Talk

If you're a make-up lover who can't get enough of grinding up peppercorn at dinnertime and love to grind your own fresh coffee beans every morning for your daily dose of java, you're in for a real tre...

Royal Wedding No More?!


The royal wedding is just days away! Taking place on May 19th, the countdown is on. But is the royal wedding in trouble? At this point, it would largely depend on who you ask or more accurately, which...

Scrunchies Are Making A Comeback

Girl Talk

If you smartly squirreled your stash of scrunchies away in a box marked "90's Accessories... Do Not Open Until A Comeback Is Confirmed" - now is the time to dig that box up. Scrunchies are back, ladie...

Janelle Monáe Opens Up About Her True Identity


Singer Janelle Monáe recently sat down with CBS Sunday Morning with the intention of discussing her new album, Dirty Computer, but the conversation ended up getting a lot deeper into her personal life...

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro And Jen Harley Broke Up


"My only rule," a young shirtless Ronnie Ortiz-Magro once said, holding a finger up to emphasize his point, "Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore." Ah, we remember it like it was yesterday. The year...

Five Star Crash Tested Eyeliner You Must Get

Girl Talk

Never has Kat Von D been so happy that someone was hit by a car. We are not saying that Kat Von D has ever been happy about anyone being hit by a car, but read on and you'll find out why (if she's hea...

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