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15 Signs You're Not As Mature As You Think

Do you consider yourself to be mature? Most of us would say yes but if that was the case, our everyday interactions with people would be a lot more pleasant. There wouldn't be as much drama in our off...


15 Reasons You NEED To Watch 'Younger'

If you are not watching the hilarious show Younger, you definitely should be. The series is based on a book by Pamela Redmond Satran and is about a fortysomething mom who is having a hard time support...


15 Signs He Is A Sociopath

Believe it or not, one out of 25 people is thought to be a sociopath, which is a person who exhibits antisocial characteristics and has absolutely no conscience. If you're in the early stages of your ...


15 Shows That Should Never Be Rebooted

Raise your hand if, like me, you're totally over Hollywood's habit of rebooting old shows instead of coming up with new material. Sure, I totally want to see my fave characters on my TV screen again. ...


15 Most Scandalous Celeb Moments of 2016

We are pretty obsessed with celebrity scandals, we are not going to lie. Of course, our idols are going to mess up sometimes and make mistakes. They are only human, after all. The only difference is t...

Girl Talk

15 Signs You're A Crazy Demanding Bride

Getting married is a big deal for most people... especially us females. Let's be real, most of us start planning our weddings years before we even know who the groom will be. Wedding planning is anoth...


15 Singers Who Can't Sing Live

There was a time, not too long ago, when a person had to have actual talent in order to be a singer. Yeah, we're kind of laughing about that idea. Even just 20 years ago, when singers like Beyonce and...


15 Songs That Are Actually Jerk Anthems

Have you ever heard a song and instantly fell in love with... but realized that you had no idea what it was even about? That definitely happens to the best of us. Some songs are so addictive, whether ...


15 Signs He Is Serious About You

So you and your boyfriend have been dating for a few months now and your relationship is going super well. You've recently transitioned past casual dating and now you're exclusive and think that you m...


15 Celebrities Who Hate Donald Trump

The 2016 election will likely go down as the most controversial in U.S history. While criticism has been thrown at both candidates, it is pretty safe to say that Republican nominee Donald Trump has in...


15 Signs You've Been Gaslighted

Gaslighting essentially means manipulating someone into doubting their own memory and credibility. It comes from the 1938 play Gaslight where a man named Jack used gas powered lights to try to convinc...

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