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14 Wild Things You'll Only Ever See In Japan


Ahh, Japan! We love you and your weird and wonderful ways! There are so many things that would seem normal to the average Japanese person, but totally unusual to somebody who hasn't been around Japane...

13 Women Who Took Revenge On Their Cheaters


Some women are willing to forgive their cheating partners, others take revenge and do it in style! These are the stories of women who gave their cheating partners what they deserved, dragging them thr...

13 People Who Actually Faked Their Own Death


The stories of some of these people who faked their own deaths are disgusting. Can you imagine the trauma sustained by their families upon learning that their loved one is dead? It doesn't bear thinki...

15 Single Women Reveal Why They Are Still Single


Why am I single? It's a question you may have asked yourself. It's a question you may not have wanted to ask yourself because the answer might be hard to swallow. The people featured here shared the r...

15 Hottest Women Who Are Into Women


Who's your girl crush? Well, here we have a list of lovely ladies with whom you would actually have a chance. That's because they've all come out as somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum. Well, let's be hon...

15 Friends Actors: Where Are They Now?


Friends ended in 2004, that's over ten years ago. How old does that make you feel! The show began ten years before that, in 1994. Blimey! It was truly an iconic show that will have us chuckling for de...

15 Types Of People You Should NEVER Date

Girl Talk

Just because you've been single for a while doesn't mean you have to put up with some BS. There are certain types of idiots, nasty people and even just bore snores who you should avoid at all costs. Y...

14 Dirtiest Daily Habits We're All Guilty Of


How squeamish are you? How easily do you cringe? For me personally, some stuff really grosses me out, other stuff doesn't. Watching one of those crazy surgery programs and smelling food cooking that I...

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