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13 Celebrities Who Are Way Smarter Than You

Let's be honest, we don't imagine celebrities to be all that smart. We might think they are talented in their field, but not necessarily smart. And it just wouldn't be fair because who can be good-looking, talented, rich, famous and smart?


13 Hilarious Acts Of Revenge You Need To See

Inspired by the Twitterverse, we're getting really good at committing acts of petty revenge. We all have that petty person deep down inside of us. Some of us let her out more often that others. Some o...


13 Celebrities With Mental Health Issues

You're not alone. That seems to be the resounding message when celebrities share their personal struggles with mental health issues. It's an amazing thing that those in the spotlight are willing to op...


15 Insane Pictures Of Attempted Prison Escapes

You just can't keep some criminals locked up. They won't resign themselves to a life in jail, or even just a few years in jail. So they try and break out in all kinds of wacky ways. It kind of makes s...


13 Women Who Have Never 'Finished' Confess All

You have to feel sorry for these ladies who have never reached the big O. They're certainly not alone in this matter, either. The statistics are shockingly bad for women. According to Planned Parentho...

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