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13 Celebrities Talking About Their Monthly Visitor

Periods - all women get them, even superstar celebrities. You don't really picture the hot young starlet of the week curled up in bed with wicked cramps and a hot water bottle, but no doubt they do. Periods are a fact of life. Aunt Flo visits us all.


13 Celebs Dishing On Their Vajayjays

It's never tmi when celebrities talk about their personal and intimate stuff, we want to hear  them spill all the tea! Some celebrities stay tight-lipped about their private lives, but others are will...


13 Creepiest Coincidences In History

Do you believe in fate? Or that the universe has some kind of influence on the events that go on around us? Or maybe that divine intervention is real? No matter what you believe in, it's undeniable th...

Girl Talk

13 Hilarious Pictures of Women Being Savage

These women just say it how it is, and we love it! They're so savage, you can feel how painful their burns are. It's amazing because the savage girls say what we're all thinking and really don't give ...


15 People Share Their Creepiest True Stories

Sometimes, when you're alone, you get that spine-chilling feeling that you're being watched. Your hair stands on end and you have the urge to just flee wherever you are because you know that something...

Girl Talk

13 Pride Beauty Looks That Will Blow You Away

The US's pride month may be over but there are still plenty of pride festivals to come this year! The celebrations in many European cities, for instance, haven't even begun yet. It's going to be so much fun, girl!

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