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15 Messages You NEED To Send Him

The world of dating has completely changed. It’s become based on technology and dating apps. But soon after you meet someone on one of those apps, you’ll find just how simple it is to move the convers...


15 Ways NOT To Mess Up This Relationship

Dating isn’t some new thing, but it has changed a lot in recent years. So much so that there have been some unspoken rules floating around that we somehow all know. We know these rules like the back o...


15 Ways To Tell If He Has A Side Chick

It’s so easy to get involved on all the dating sites and be interested in other people. It’s actually a huge fear many individuals have because it is becoming the new norm. But there are some signs yo...


15 Things You Need To STOP Wearing Before 2018

The trends of 2017 are thankfully almost over. They’ve been a wild ride, but we still have basically two months until we finally put a stop to some of these crazy trends. From fashion to beauty, we’ve...


15 Lies Your Man Told You At Least Once

We aren’t saying that your man is lying to you 24/7, but every single person in a relationship has lied to their partner at some point. Some lies are more serious, while others are little white lies t...

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