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15 Powerful Women Outearning Their Men

Gender inequality is not hard to see in the world, especially when it comes to the lack of women’s rights in Hollywood. The voice for women’s rights still remains to be active and strong. For example,...

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15 Of The Best Ways To Mattify Your Makeup

Over the past year or so, matte makeup has been killing it as one of the hottest trends in beauty. We’re not surprised at all! We love how polished a matte finish makes our face look. The matte create...


15 Of The Worst Magazine Photoshop Fails

Sadly, it does not come to a surprise what magazines will do in order to get that perfect photo. We do live in a materialistic kind of world after all. There are millions of high-end photo shoots with...

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15 Tips To Ensure You Stay Fresh Down There

Ladies, let’s be honest, talking about feminine hygiene seems to be a rather taboo topic. We never feel comfortable when we are not feeling 100% fresh down there, but we also don’t want to ask someone...