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12 Celebrities Who Were Homeschooled

You might not have known a ton of homeschooled kids growing up, since, well, they were being homeschooled while you and your friends were at school. There are different schools of thought (sorry, we j...


12 Super Frugal Celebs

It's pretty safe to say that most celebrities make more cash than the average person. A lot of them make us pretty clear of that fact by living some pretty lavish lives. We're talking mansions (someti...


12 Things Only Kendall And Kylie Can Do

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were practically born into reality TV stardom thanks to big sister Kim and the rest of the Kardashian krew (get it?). Naturally, the two grew up with cameras around 24/7. Of c...


13 Of Justin Bieber's Best Apologies

The Biebs is about as known for getting into trouble as he is for his music career. Sometimes it's for something like egging a house where he's obviously in the wrong (albeit pretty average for his ag...


13 Reasons To Give In And Use A Dating App ASAP

If you're single and haven't used a dating app you've probably definitely thought about it. Or maybe your best friends won't stop begging you to finally see what that Tinder thing is all about. I defi...

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12 Really Good Reasons To Read More

We all read something every day, of course. We kind of can't help it -- we read emails, the back of the cereal box, a billboard on the side of the highway. But for a lot of people, their daily reading...

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12 Types Of Girls You Meet At Concerts

Summertime is just around the corner which means concert season is officially here. Every concert is going to be unique, of course, depending on the vibe and atmosphere, the venue, and the singer or b...


12 Funny Celeb Pet Peeves

Most of us can agree that yeah, there are certain things in life that are super annoying. We can't do much about it, and complaining a ton isn't going to help the matter much (and will probably just a...

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12 Fun Facts About Whole Foods

Whole Foods is basically the mainstream mecca for healthy food. You can definitely buy organic food elsewhere, but the chain has managed to fill a space in the market that attracts pretty much everyon...


12 Ways Bananas Are the Best Snack Ever

We know that bananas are the favorite fruit of runners and that we can find them almost anywhere. But the sunny yellow fruit is so common (and cheap) that we often overlook them as the nutritional pow...

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