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15 Selfie Tips From The Pros

Selfies are probably here to stay, where you like it or not, so you might as well learn how to take a good one. They might seem like a more recent addition to the world with the advent of rear facing ...

Girl Talk

15 Common Issues Even Hot Girls Have

It's a commonly accepted fact that beautiful people have it easier than the rest of us. That might be true, but what's considered beautiful is often not subjective or up for debate. There seems to be ...


15 Pros And Cons Of A Comfortable Relationship

The word "comfortable" definitely has all kinds of positive associations, but when it comes to relationships, it can be used in a negative way as well. We like comfortable clothes and comfortable beds...


15 Signs That Friend Is Actually Toxic

The label of "friend" can be used to cover a wide variety of people from barely acquaintance to ride or die bestie that might as well be your sister because everyone thinks that anyway. But one thing ...


15 Weird Jobs You Can't Believe Exist

When you're a kid, your ideas about the jobs that exist in the world are pretty much limited by your exposure. People are always given the opportunity to stick with the straight and narrow or veer out...


15 Reasons To Get In The Sheets With A Fire Sign

The zodiac is broken down by the elements, so certain signs that fall into different areas of the calendar can share some basic characteristics. These elements are broken down into fire, water, earth,...

Girl Talk

16 Emotions You Go Through On A Target Run

Target is an anomaly in the world of shopping. It's got low prices along with everything under the sun, and at the same time, it's leaps and bounds cooler than any of its competitors. They have good s...


15 Horoscope Combos That Will Have Bedroom Bliss

When it comes to rating compatibility with another person, there are a million factors to take into account. Looking at astrological signs is one way to get a read for people on a deeper level without...


15 Celebs Who Are Fake Feminists

The definition of feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, or the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of these two genders. It can also ...


15 Weird Things That Affect You

It is pretty weird when you feel like you are doing everything right but just can't seem to shake those last few pounds. Of course, you already know that skipping the gym for a few days and indulging ...

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