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12 Super Contaminated Fruits And Veggies

You probably know that buying organic fruits and vegetables is better for you... even if you aren't totally sure why. But, of course, organic food can be crazy expensive, which definitely sucks, even ...


12 Inspiring Celeb Quotes About Beauty

Beauty is a strange thing. Everyone responds to it, but it means something totally different to every single person on this planet. We all think differently about what being beautiful actually is, and...

Girl Talk

12 Signs You're Actually An Adult Now

Before you become an adult, it's easy to imagine that getting older just automatically makes you a different person. It seems like at some point, life will just make sense or certain problems will tot...


13 Exotic Fruits You Never Knew Existed

We have access to plenty of food in North America, and sometimes that means that more types of food exist than we even are aware of. It seems like everything under the sun exists at our local Whole Fo...


12 Reasons Eggs Are The Perfect Food

Eggs are so common that it's almost easy to overlook how awesome they really are. They're not only easy to find and super tasty, but they are incredibly good for you, too. For a while there, researche...


12 Weird Facts About Cats

Some people are more likely to be cat people than others, but I think we can all agree that they're pretty cute. They can also be super bossy and in need of a ton of attention, especially when compare...


13 Celebs Caught Wearing Granny Panties

Granny panties have a reputation for being the most practical and the least sexy underwear type around, although some would disagree. But generally the traditional, basic, functional granny panty is n...


13 Signs You Deserve Better Than Him

Dating and relationships can be pretty weird. Sometimes we go through periods of time where there isn't a single person on our radar, but then other times we end up spending too much time with the wro...


15 Unavoidable Emotions Of PMS

PMS: one of the most feared abbreviations in the land. Surely every woman on the planet of childbearing age has dealt with the physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome at some point, i...


14 Celebs Who Battled Depression

For people who have dealt with depression or other mood disorders, the experience can be both deeply personal and lonely. You feel hopeless and like you have no idea how things could possibly turn aro...

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