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14 Wedding Cake Fails That Will Make You LOL

Weddings are a lot of things. They are stressful and expensive, but they are also supposed to be a day to remember forever. When they become memorable because of the gaffes and mistakes that are made,...

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16 Pics That Totally Sum Up Women And Winter

Winter...It is the season that wreaks havoc on our skin, hair, waistline and fashion choices. Looking beautiful isn’t easy in sub zero temperatures and blizzard conditions. Try as you might, not every...

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15 Things Your Mother Told You That Were LIES

Do you remember the naïve misguided time you thought that your Mom knew everything? Do you remember the moment when you came to your senses and realized she didn’t? It is hard when the people who rais...


16 Reasons You Should Break Off Your Engagement

You are engaged! Now what? Start planning the wedding, look up honeymoon locations, talk about your future? It is easy to get swept up in the romance of marriage. After all, the whole idea that someon...

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20 Things You NEED To Do In Your 20s

Your 20s are a major adventure in the grand scheme of life. They are the first years you truly enter adulthood without a safety net. You have to overcome a lot to figure out who you are and where you ...


15 Reasons Eloping Is Better Than A Huge Wedding

Ahhh, Weddings...What is it about a wedding that makes people giddy, crazy and irrational? The tornado that is wedding planning seems to have an unrelenting force that snatches up everyone in its path...


15 Reasons He Will Lose Interest in You

Men...They are complicated. That being said, women might be guilty of making them more complicated than they really are. With so much game playing, there is a lot of overthinking when it comes to how ...


16 Secrets You Should Take To The Grave

There are things people are ashamed to admit, and then there are things that no one should ever admit. Everyone has something to hide, but sometimes the guilt or the sheer weight of a secret makes peo...

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