Articles by Jessie Dax-Setkus

17 Reasons To Get Out FOR GOOD Before He Strikes


Finding the love of your life is an exciting time. You’re happy—elated even. Everything seems to be going your way and you’re on cloud nine, but what if things start moving in an odd direction. Sudden...

Here's His Weird Ticks, Based On His Zodiac Sign


Everyone has their little ticks. Whether it’s having a little extra OCD or even being a little superstitious, we all have something that’s a little odd about us. But did you ever notice that some men ...

15 Confessions From Unapologetic Home Wreckers


Picture this: you’re in love. You found the person you want to spend your life with and you are on cloud nine. You want the world to know. The only problem is, he’s already been gushed about…like, by ...

15 Signs That He's Actually A Psychopath


You found a hot guy, but something seems a little off. The first time you met him he was nothing short of charming, but now he’s completely pulled a 180. He’s colder and more irritable—he even seems t...

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