Articles by Jessica Yehle


15 Ways To Keep His Eyes On You

No girl can stomach a man with wandering hands, but what about wandering eyes? Whether it's curiosity, boredom or worse, it's safe to say we'd all prefer that our men kept their eyes on the only lady ...


15 Ways You Know You're A Health Bimbo

If you know your BMR, your BMI, your 5k time and all the cold, hard facts about the latest superfood, it is time to face the facts, honey. You're a health bimbo; a fresh-faced, spinach-munching, pilat...


15 Things Your Guy Type Says About You

Good guys, bad boys, beefcakes or nerds—when we look back through our past relationships and flings, most of us can tell that we tend to go for a certain "type". Some ladies love athletes, some have a...


15 Guys You Should Never Think About Again

There are some men who will always leave us low-key pining for them for months after they've walked out of our lives. Their smiles, the way they ran their fingers through their hair when they were fru...