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15 Weird Rules Target Employees Have To Follow

There are two great equalizers in America. The airport and Target. People from all walks of life shop at Target, and the company does a great job marketing itself as a middle ground between luxury and...

Girl Talk

15 Pics Of Celebs In Yoga Pants

Staying fit during the holiday season is on everyone’s mind. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start thinking about how we’re going to get through Christmas without exploding. After that, we...


Here's An Army Of 15 Women Who Look The Same

Cosmetic Procedures are a divisive issue. Much can be asked about why people get it – is it low self-esteem? Societal pressure? What happens when people become addicted? The age of Instagram has made ...


15 Celebs Who Look Like Show Characters

Celebrities are always doing the most with their appearances. Blame money, blame fame, blame the constant stream of attention. Because they are public figures, they are often extremely self-conscious ...


15 Youtubers Who Were Loaded Before Fame

Money is a very taboo topic of conversation, but that doesn’t mean nobody is interested. Youtube is full of rags to riches stories, with creators showing off their Gucci sneakers and Cartier bracelets...