Articles by Jenn R

15 Crazy Celebrity Paranormal Encounters


Even if you're not a believer in ghosts, spirits or the afterlife, there are so many ghost stories out there it’s hard to ignore them all. Almost everyone has a spooky story about seeing or experienci...

15 Photos Of Hot Celebs Taking A Bath


You know what they say: stars, they're just like us! They can pump their own gas, stuff their faces with takeout, wear yoga pants outside the gym, and hop into the bathtub with their handy iPhones nea...

15 Types Of Guys You Should Date Next


You’ve been single for long enough, and now you’re ready to get back out there and find love again. You’ve loaded up your Tinder profile, told your friends to set you up with any cute guys in their of...

15 Other Ways Guys Show They Love You


Hearing those three little words can mean the world, but men often have trouble actually saying “I love you.” Luckily, that doesn’t always mean the feelings aren’t there. Women in relationships just w...