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15 Things Every Girl Loves About Fall

Girl Talk

Ah, fall the season of pumpkin spice, colorful leaves, haunted hayrides, and apple pie. It’s every basic white girl’s favorite time of year. From September through November, it’s time to indulge in as...

15 Easy Ways To Deal With Stress

Girl Talk

We experience stress on a daily basis. You might just feel a little anxious because you’re running a little late to class, or you might think you’re on the verge of a full-blown breakdown because of a...

15 Social Media Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Girl Talk

Sometimes, it seems like social media is taking over our lives these days. After every night out, someone has the pictures up on Facebook the next day. At every meal, someone whips out their phone to ...

15 Things NOT To Do After A Break Up

Love & Heartbreak

Going through a tough break up can feel like the end of the world. Even if you felt like things had been going downhill for a while, it can still be an emotional rollercoaster. Suddenly, the person th...

15 Romantic Date Ideas For Fall

Love & Heartbreak

You might’ve had a spring fling, a steamy summertime affair, or a holiday hook up, but fall is the most romantic season of the year. When classes start up again in September, it’s easy to meet new peo...

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