Articles by Jacklyn Janeksela

13 Things Women Donate For Money


Sometimes we get tight on cash, so tight that you're scrounging for money just to pay for rent or a long overdue vacation; in some cases you're scrounging just to eat. Selling your regular stuff won’t...

16 Excuses Girls Use To Bail On Plans


It happens and for some of us it happens often. We've made plans, we're excited all week about them but the day comes and we're too tired to go out or just don't feel like it. What do we do? Well we c...

13 Ways Barbie Ruined Us


Barbie was everything growing up, she was our idol with her perfect long hair and fit body, and oh, every outfit fit her perfectly. She had the nicest accessories and even a dream guy who was perfect ...

14 Ways To Kickstart A Late Period


This happens to women all the time, we are expecting our period and all of a sudden it decides not to show up. You may have planned a vacation around your period and now it has decided to take a vacat...

16 Ways To Not Be An A**hole


As the world grows increasingly difficult and overpopulated, we must find ways to decrease conflict. A simple trip to the grocery store can create off-the-chart levels of stress. This is not normal. N...

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