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15 Hilarious Things About Third Wheel Extravaganza


We have all been, at some point in time, been a third wheel. Sometimes, we didn’t mind, we sort of went with the punches and said whatever. Other times, we were seriously uncomfortable and looking for...

15 Creepy Photos That Will Haunt You For Life


Being freaked out has become an anomaly in society. We thoroughly enjoy being weirded out and scared. It’s as though there’s a creepy gene creeping just above the surface. We gravitate to horror films...

15 Crazy Bizarre Habits From Ancient Times

Girl Talk

We might romanticize our ancestors and glorify certain eras in ways that we don’t realize are detrimental to the actual state of things. Things were not as pretty as they seemed. And this list will fi...

17 Weird Habits Women Have Admitted To

Girl Talk

Say what you will, women are weird. We have habits equally as strange if not stranger than men. Okay, that’s going a bit far, but you get my point. Women are spectacular creatures, but behind every cu...

15 Pics Of Hair Bleach Gone VERY Wrong

Girl Talk

So you want to bleach your hair, huh? Okay, girl, let’s get this straight. You want to bleach your hair at home, by yourself, with no professional help and YouTube videos as your number one guide and ...

15 Types Of Women You Meet At Sephora


Sephora is not just a store, it’s an experience. If you ask groups of girls what plans they have for the weekend, some might actually say they're going to hit up Sephora. It’s that serious. It’s about...

15 Things You Should Know About Makeup

Girl Talk

My dear babes in Makeup Land. Let’s take a moment here and really consider the stuff we put on our faces. Are you doing yourself a service or disservice? Do you really know what you're doing? Are you ...

15 Party Photos That Went Too Far

Girl Talk

Partying gets taken to new heights with each coming generation. People push limits, like serious limits; limits that cause both injury or worse. But all in the name of a good time, right? Wrong. Party...

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