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The 15 Most Insanely Hot KPop Groups

If you haven't heard about Korean Pop (heretofore referred to as "KPop"), you're a) missing out and b) in for a real treat. KPop is the music sensation that's sweeping the nation - and not only the US...


Hot Or Not? Aries Compatibility In Love

An Aries woman is a passionate, impulsive woman that's ready for the next great adventure - in fact, an Aries woman is likely to skip this intro and go straight to the compatibility section that best ...

Girl Talk

15 Ways To Take A $1 Million Vacay

Let's face it - if we're not on a vacation, we're wishing we could take one. Even if it's just spending the day in bed while everyone else slaves away, vacations are the ultimate daydream. Unfortunate...


12 Celebs And Their Favorite Memes

Let's get real - we're obsessed with celebrities. We have at least a dozen channels dedicated to catching up with the latest of the greatest and even more channels featuring their likeness on screen. ...


15 Common Dreams Decoded That Will Freak You Out

Surely this has happened to you - you're minding your own business, happily presenting your semester final that you've worked all month on, when suddenly, your classmates begin pointing and laughing a...


15 Rules The Royal Family Has To Follow

We have such a love affair with the royal family - especially Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (better known to American media as her incorrect title, "Princess Kate"). Her style, grace, and way of doi...