Articles by Hasan Beyaz

15 Darkest, Most Disgusting McDonald's Secrets


Since being founded in 1955, McDonald’s has become the most popular place to eat, and is the sixth-largest private employer in the United States. People love to stop off at the golden arches, grabbing...

15 Times Selena Gomez Was SHADY AF


Selena Gomez began her career as an entertainer at the ripe age of 7, when she appeared in the children's television series Barney & Friends. It wasn't until her role as Alex Russo in the Disney s...

15 Of Beyoncé's Shadiest Moments


Beyoncé Knowles is more than just a household name. She has a career that every musician wants, but very few attain: Beyoncé sells millions of records, does world tours, and has a loyal fan base. The ...