Articles by Gene Kosowan

Fashion Designers Respond To The World Cup


It's a given that the World Cup is a quadrennial obsession, especially among working stiffs around the globe. But as the planet gears up for this year's final between Croatia and France on Sunday, we'...

Neon Nail Polish Is A Summer Staple

Beauty and Makeup

Like the glowing signs on novelty shop storefronts, neon is light and very hot. And with the summer having both of those elements, stylists are recommending you look the part, from bright clothing rig...

'Incredibles 2' Themed Eyeshadow Is... Incredible


Nope, this is definitely not photoshop, although there is a slew of naysayers who will say otherwise. The image of an eye decorated with the telltale logo for the new Incredibles 2 movie is a true-blu...

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