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15 Reasons You Always Fail

Girl Talk

Being a girl boss may be a thing today but that doesn’t mean all girls have the power to become a boss! Okay, technically we all have that power. We all have the abilities and skills to start our jour...

14 Times Cara Delevingne Shocked Us


A lot of people hate Cara Delevingne. That is a fact. Just like how it is a fact that a lot of people hate the Kardashians and Taylor Swift. Say hello to the world of Hollywood. One super common reaso...

15 Disgusting Habits You Should Quit For Real

Girl Talk

We get it, you definitely have some habits that are pretty disgusting. You know the ones. These are habits that you’re ashamed to admit even to yourself. It’s human nature and we’re definitely not her...

15 Rom-Com Films That Suck. Period.


Seriously, why do people keep making bad movies and TV shows? There are tons of people involved in creating these things and still, some shows and films are so bad regardless of how many people were b...

15 Things Only Messy People Will Understand

Girl Talk

It's a fact of life that being neat and clean is one of the most difficult things to keep up. We can be neat and clean for a day or two, but for months? And years? That's totally a different story. So...

15 Facts You Didn't Know About Dev Patel


Ah, Dev Patel, the guy who recently became super hot in a snap and the public went crazy. If you don’t remember Dev before his recent photos, which are full of hair and beard and handsomeness, don't w...

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