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15 Signs You're Not Over It

Love & Heartbreak

For the record, that thing where only women reject men? That’s a fairytale. Okay, a bitter version of a fairytale. In real life, men also reject us even before we get to tell them how we feel. Sometim...

15 Things About Love You Should Know By Now

Girl Talk

Oh love… sometimes, no matter how much experience we got, we still have no idea how it works. This is the exact reason why we all end up in pain. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Failed relationsh...

Zodiac Madness: What's Your Dark Side?

Get Your Scope

If you’re a fan of reading your everyday horoscope, chances are, you’re reading it to know the good thing about today and the next coming days. Most of us read horoscopes so we can stay updated on the...

15 Signs You're A People-Pleaser

Girl Talk

Being kind and loving is all good, until people start taking advantage of it. If you’re a people-pleaser, you know exactly how that feels. But if you’re a people-pleaser who doesn’t know what it’s all...

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