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15 Celebs Who Can't Walk In Heels

As we all know, high heels are the hallmark of womanhood, and bound up, Chinese feet were back in the day, with style. We learned this from Sex and the City. But as women, drag queens, and cross dress...


7 Times To Ghost And 8 Times To Stick Around

Ghosting is a modern phenomenon that's (probably) more prevalent because we're all so busy and entitled these days. It can feature in any of your relationships, from your relationship with your man to...


15 Celebs Who Keep Their Ink Hidden

Tattoos are part of the uniform for celebrities and normals alike in 2017. Most of us have made some concession to the world of ink, and more than a few of us have cached in on the kudos that tattoos ...

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15 Signs You Have Attachment Issues

Attachment theory traces the health of our current relationships back to our early experiences as children. People with a healthy approach to attachments (or relationships) are distinguished from thos...


15 Classic Mistakes That Turn Him Off

There are a million different ways in which women and men mess up their closest relationships. And although there are endless variations of this story, there are also some clear themes. The fact is th...

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15 Signs You're Having A Quarter Life Crisis

Ah, your mid-twenties. Purportedly the best, wildest and most fun time in your life. In reality, our mid-twenties are often an anguished confluence of the dreams of childhood with the crushingly weigh...


15 Times Rihanna Was All Of Us

Riri swigging daintily from her hip flask at the Grammy awards show that Beyonce didn't win is the picture of our reaction, too. Not just to Beyonce's mind-bendingly important Lemonade album blatantly...

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