Articles by Elisabeth Mansson

Health and Fitness

How To Hack A HIIT Workout

If you are trying to get your sweat on with some regular cardiovascular activity, while being the captain of team "don't put me down for cardio", you have probably dabbled with HIIT or high-intensity ...

Girl Talk

Butterfly Pool Floats Are A Summer Must-Have

If you still think the old flamingo or doughnut floats are cool, you need to get with the program. There is a new inflatable pool accessory in town, and it is going to be taking over Instagram feeds t...

Beauty and Makeup

How To Remove A Faux Tan Gone Wrong

Struggling to remove all traces of a faux tan disaster? We've all been there. The sheer panic when you see yourself in the mirror in the morning after having applied that praised self-tanning product ...

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