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Celebs Who Bounced Back After Pregnancy

Growing a baby for nine months is hard work. Mothers go through many different physiological changes to make room for a growing baby. Pushing out a tiny human is also physically demanding as well. Som...


15 Reasons Married Is Better

Times are tough right now for women in the United States. Not just financially, either. In the rise of backlash on political correctness, outspoken chauvinism has regressed us into more puritanical wa...


15 Celebs With Family Troubles

We’ve all got family drama and little arguments we’ve had that we’d like to forget. Maybe Thanksgiving is awkward, or a fight breaks out at the slightest attempt at a family dinner. Some of these are ...


15 Of The Most Steamy Cops On TV

We like to think that the life of many law enforcement officials is more than just eating too many boxes of doughnuts and giving innocent drivers speeding tickets. Okay, we admit that maybe we did spe...


17 Actresses Men Find Unattractive

Many women strive to be Hollywood thin in order to attract men — or women — as potential suitors. When women look for fitspiration, the ladies of Hollywood are often among the magazine clippings and p...

Girl Talk

15 Reasons Why Men Go For Younger Women

Sometimes we are sitting around, having coffee and we see them there — older men and younger women. We people watch the man in his forties with a college-aged kid — who looks like she is old enough to...

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