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15 Times Creepy Footage Was Caught On Webcam

Webcams offer a great way for anyone to film what is going on in their absence. Sometimes this is done on purpose, or sometimes something amazing is caught accidentally. Webcams have been catching str...


15 Major Show Scandals That Ruined TLC

No network has suffered more scandals than TLC. Their reality heavy content is just primed for disaster, and we are all ready to watch! The worst types of scandals too, from substance abuse to causing...


15 Beautiful Girls That Got With Justin Bieber

When it comes to gorgeous women, Justin Bieber is no stranger. Pretty much any lady in his age range...or out of it, would give him a shot. Sometimes this 23year old singer/songwriter goes for uber fa...


14 Coma Stories You Won't Believe

Comas are very hard to understand, they can be so complicated. The definition of a coma is a state of unconsciousness from which a person cannot be awakened. Sometimes they last days but they can go o...


14 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks With Age

When it comes to our favorite celebs, we expect them to look amazing forever. They are so beautiful that we imagine they will always remain the perfect people that they are. Check out Cindy Crawford o...


15 Signs He Will Propose Any Day Now

All ladies are hoping for Mr. Right to come along. Once you've figured out he is The One, you are pretty much just waiting for him to figure it out too. At some point you are both pretty sure, so now ...


15 Ways To Up Your Hot Factor

All women want to look and feel hot AF. No one can deny it, and there's nothing wrong with it, we just want to know that people find us attractive. Sometimes we put a lot of effort, all too look good ...


15 Ways To Catch A Liar

Everybody hates liars! Whether its your boyfriend, or your best friend, liars are shady and need to be called out. Because once you catch someone lying, you will always question whether the informatio...


15 Hollywood Guys Who Might Legit Be Vampires

When it comes to movies, nothing is sexier than a great vampire flick! but what if the big screen became reality. Some of our favorite leading men are highly suspicious. Somehow they maintain their yo...


14 Signs It's Time To Visit The Gyno

Women can be pros at avoiding the gyno. Nobody really wants to go, ever! It isn't exactly exciting and has potential to be terrifying. There used to be a long awkward talk in the office, but most gyno...


15 Celebrities Who Ignore Bras

Going braless has been on trend since the 60s. There is no better feeling than letting the girls out after a long day but don't limit the look to after work. Recently that trend has begun to surpass m...


15 Women You Won't Believe Exist

There are so many extraordinary women out there that it's hard to narrow it down. These 15 may look different from most of us but they are making their mark and letting the world know that different i...

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