Articles by Coralle P


15 Signs You And Your Partner Need Some Time Apart

We’re human. Sometimes we need some space. Taking a break from your relationship doesn’t mean that you’re giving up on it, neither does it mean that you’re destined to break up for good. It just means...


15 Types Of Friends You DON'T Need In Your Life

Some people believe friendships are way more important than a relationship. That you can get by without a boyfriend or girlfriend, but not without a friend. We don’t expect much from a friend, just so...


15 Signs You're In A One-Sided Relationship

Falling in love can give you so much happiness, but it can also cloud your judgement. You fail to see that your partner is taking you for granted, and you’re blind to the fact that your relationship i...


15 Things Every Girl Does On The First Date

The first date could potentially be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. You’re meeting this person for the very first time and you want to make a good impression, but more than that you...