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15 Outrageous Lies Your Guy is Telling You

Some of us have a really hard time telling when someone is lying or if what they're saying is really true. This is especially true when it's someone you are interested in romantically and your judgmen...


15 Signs Your Guy Hates Your Friends

You have finally found the guy of your dreams and things are going great so you can't wait for your friends to meet him so they can see how great he is. You envision it going swimmingly and hearing fr...


15 Signs Your Friends Give You The Worst Advice

Life happens, and it comes with a whole lot of situations when we all need someone to turn to when for help or advice, and for most of us, that's our close friends. Other people count on their family ...

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15 Times It's Okay To Change Your Mind

Life is full of decisions. Every day we're faced with decisions from "How would you like your coffee?" to, "Is this the man I want to marry?" Obviously, some decisions have a lot less riding on them s...


15 Signs You Don't Have Closure

Breaking up is hard to do. Like really, really, really hard to do. There’s a reason there are so many songs, movies, books, and TV shows that document how difficult it is: it’s something almost everyo...


15 Girl Crushes We're All Guilty Of

When Little Big Town released their single "Girl Crush," in 2014, the term started going around like wild fire. It's most commonly used to describe a straight woman admires another woman in a non-sexu...


15 Most Inappropriate Relationships In Hollywood

Hollywood relationships are under constant scrutiny from the press and their fans. This scrutiny is sometimes at its peak when these celebrities are in relationships, especially relationships that the...


15 Guy Crushes We're All Guilty Of Having

Many of us have crushes on several people on the go at one time, and most of the time these crushes are a fun way to occupy our mind, and sometimes they end up being mutual which can lead to a great r...

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15 Makeup Trends We Never Saw Coming

Thanks to social media, we are aware of new trends as soon as they begin, and with a constant influx of changing rules and fads regarding just about EVERYTHING in our lives, it isn't easy to keep up w...

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Sororities

Once known as “women’s fraternities” sororities took shape in 1851 with the formation of the Adelphean Society Alpha Delta Pi, about 75 years after the first fraternity was formed. If you have never b...


15 Things You Need to Know About Cheating

There's no gut-punch, wind-knocked-out-of-you feeling quite like finding out the love of your life has been unfaithful to you. Hopefully, you will never have to personally experience the pain of being...

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