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15 Celebrity Custody Battles

Kids can be of great joy to couples, even celebrity couples. But they can also be a bone of contention that makes the once loving partners total enemies.


15 Mean Celeb We'd Still Want To Hang Out With

Stars often attract the admiration of people just for the characters that they play in the movies and on TV. But in real life, they can be the total opposite, and given the chance, will show their tru...


15 Secrets Floyd Mayweather's GFs Want Exposed

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather isn’t just worth millions – he’s worth hundreds of millions. According to Forbes, his estimated net worth is $340 million. No wonder his nick name is “Money.”


15 Celebrities Who Have Been Low Key Gay For Years

In past decades on television, you’d hear people say, “What are you, gay?” or “That is so gay.” And these things were meant to be derogatory. Then gay rights emerged and it was no longer politically c...

Girl Talk

15 Celebs That Look EXACTLY Like Their Pets

It’s a doggie world, especially in La La Land (aka Hollywood), where the stars often go all out for their pets. Some of these four-legged (and even two-legged) beasts have diamond collars, pearl neckl...

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