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15 Celeb Couples Who Are Better Off Apart

Let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck in a tumultuous relationship… and most of us have experienced that at least once. Dating someone who is just plain toxic is not only embarrassing but also total...


15 Stars Who Married Their Side Chicks

Marriage is meant to be a sacred commitment between two people who love each other unconditionally and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Those who tie the knot vow to be there for their ...


15 Celeb Couples You Didn't Know Broke Up

Celebrity relationships are definitely an obsession for us, no doubt about it. It seems like celebs like to date at lightning speed and some even start a new relationship before their current one even...


15 Unforgettable Kardashian Exes

Being in a loving relationship can be pure bliss, and breaking up can pretty much be the total opposite. Dating is hard enough for the average person, and being part of a super famous celebrity family...


15 Celebs Who Should Take A Break From Dating

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love being in love? For some of us, just the idea of dating can be daunting, but for others, we really enjoy the perks of being in a meaningful relationship. Of course, fi...


15 Signs His Ex Is Still In His Life

There are a million reasons why you wouldn't want to date a guy who isn’t totally over his ex. To start with, you just don’t want to worry about whether or not she’s still in the picture. If your guy ...

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