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Tontouring: 10 Things You Need To Know

It’s time for a new beauty trend! And this one is just in time for the upcoming warmer months. We all love that summer glow that comes with using Spring/Summer beauty products. And we all love the lit...

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15 Must Have Beauty Products For 2016

New year, new resolutions, right? So many people focus on health and fitness during the New Year. Others focus on life and career goals. Whether you’re looking to slim down, beef up, reach for the sta...

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13 Celebrity Homes You Can Find On Airbnb

Whether you’re looking for a year round home or a vacation spot, renting a home can be a great option for those not ready to buy. Renting a home is exciting. Renting a luxury home even more exciting. ...

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15 Ways The Internet Changed Life Forever

What would any of us do without the Internet? I’m pretty sure the younger generations would simply be at a loss in many situations if, for whatever reason, we were all suddenly without Internet access...


12 Horrible Celebrity Career Moves

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s just a fact of life, right? There’s not one adult on this planet that has gone through life without messing up at least once. Most of the time, it ends up being no big de...

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MultiMasking: 13 Facts You Need To Know

Beauty. People have been absolutely obsessed with obtaining beauty since… well… since before the written word. So, it’s no surprise that beauty trends are seemingly ongoing. There is always a new prod...

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Makeup Brushes: 11 Need To Know Facts

Makeup and cosmetics have been around seemingly forever. Some women love to primp and prep, others not so much. But whether you’re a makeup lover or simply use the bare minimum, makeup often requires ...

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10 Reasons You Should Try Period Panties

For a very long time now, women have only had a couple of choices when it comes to dealing with that daily visit from the lovely Aunt Flo. Only two products to keep your clothing (mostly) blood free: ...

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15 Amazing Time Saving Beauty Hacks

Let’s paint the ideal scenario for almost every woman out there. You wake up in the morning feeling completely refreshed after 9 plus hours of sleep. You are able to take your time getting ready for t...

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15 Products That Make Periods Look Like Fun

Oh, that lovely time of the month: Aunt Flo, the monthly gift, the crimson wave. Whatever you may call it, as a female it’s something we all have to deal with eventually. And though this womanly rite ...

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