Articles by Chrisa Theodoraki

Bright Yellow Is The New Millennial Pink


Move over millennials, because pink is no longer the cool girl’s color. “Gen Z Yellow” is the fashion statement of late, and if you haven’t gotten a whiff, I’m sorry to say, ladies, you must be living...

Kapalbhati Yoga Can Bust Belly Fat

Health and Fitness

A flap of belly fat is something that most of us would gladly live without. The good news is that we no longer need to run a marathon on the treadmill to see results. We can lose belly fat by just bre...

Lindsay Lohan is Living It Up In Mykonos


Lindsay Lohan has kicked off summer in sunny Mykonos once again. She has opened up a new beach club on the island, and as recent images show, the girl is becoming somewhat of a staple figure of the pi...

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