Articles by Bethaney Wallace

13 Ways To Up Your Resume Game

Girl Talk

Whether you love or hate the idea of writing your next resume (or even updating a current version), it's a necessary task. One that will help you land your dream job … or just a better version of the ...

13 Places To Find Unique Pet Names

Girl Talk

Congratulations, you've decided to commit to getting a pet. You're ready to take care of them, love them, and give them a safe and happy home. You're going to be a pet parent! Or if you're already a p...

12 Pinterest Projects To Try Right Now

Girl Talk

If you haven't yet used Pinterest, beware. Well, first crawl out from under the rock you've been living under, then beware of the implications it could have on your life. It will suck you in, it will ...

13 Times It's Okay To Call In "Sick" To Work

Girl Talk

We’ve all been there: instead of springing out of bed like usual when your alarm goes off, you freeze. Your sinuses are blocked, there's an itch in the back of your throat, and that balmy feeling won’...

13 Sundresses To Rock This Summer Season

Girl Talk

Summer is officially upon us and that means it's time to start enjoying your warm weather wardrobe. Shorts, tank tops, sandals, and dresses that make you look fashionable as possible, but while still ...

13 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Your Water


Water is a pretty healthy substance to be taking in – there's no arguing that fact. Actually, it might be the healthiest substance that there is. Hands down, water is super vital for your everyday hea...

12 Household Items To Condition Your Hair

Girl Talk

For years, women have been conditioning their hair on screen and off, too. In movies, it's always a great excuse for the character to cancel a date or other kind of plan. On TV shows, it's a way to ta...

13 Smoothie Flavors You Won't Hate


Toot toot, toot toot! It's time to jump aboard the smoothie train – the up-and-coming, wildly popular way to sneak nutrients into your next meal. Smoothies are fast, efficient, and they allow you to f...

14 Better Ways To Use Bobby Pins

Girl Talk

If you've got long hair (or even if you have a bob but had longer locks in the past), you've definitely used a bobby pin or two in your day. Bobby pins don't discriminate against hair length, they don...

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