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15 Gorgeous Pics Of Aubrey Plaza


Aubrey Plaza is the coolest. Most of us know her as the sarcastic AF April on Parks and Recreation and she was also in the movies Funny People and Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates. She got her start d...

15 Photos Of Your TV Boyfriend Cole Sprouse


We all love the teen drama Riverdale and while KJ Apa's Archie is absolutely adorable, it's safe to say that most of us are seriously crushing on Cole Sprouse and his portrayal of Jughead Jones. He br...

15 Behind-The-Scenes Moments From 'Riverdale'


Today is the best day ever because season two of Riverdale premieres and we're all super excited. The mysterious teen drama based on the popular Archie comic book series has captured our hearts and mi...

15 Ads We Can't Believe The Media Okayed

Girl Talk

It's pretty much impossible to escape the worlds of marketing and advertising. From TV commercials that drive you insane because they're so annoying to the fact that you can't get away from them at th...

15 Times The Kardashians Clapped Back At Fans


When you're a regular person and look at celebrities, you assume that their lives are total and complete perfection. But you tend to forget that they have fans and while it's cool to have people look ...

15 Gorgeous Pics Of Jennifer Love Hewitt


If you've seen the brilliant horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer or the 90s family drama Party Of Five, then you know Jennifer Love Hewitt. The super gorgeous actress has enjoyed a long, succ...

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