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12 Ways Your Life Is Like A Chick Lit Novel

Girl Talk

Raise your hand if you love reading women’s fiction aka what’s been known as chick lit. Of course, right? Who wouldn’t want to read fun, juicy and often inspiring novels about what it’s like to live a...

15 Signs 30 Is The New 20

Girl Talk

Back in the day, it was considered the absolute end of the world if you turned 30. After all, it was called The Big 3-0 for a reason. You would basically die if you weren't married with two kids (a bo...

15 Pet Peeves We Have With 'Nashville'


Back in 2012, a super fun country music drama debuted on TV, and we've been obsessed ever since. We're talking about Nashville, of course. It's been on the air for four seasons now, and while we love ...

12 Ways Crappy Dates Are Good For You


There's nothing like a truly horrible date to make you rethink where you are in life and what you really want from love. Everyone goes on bad dates. Everyone. Even your best friend who is finally enga...

12 Chick Flicks Even Your BF Will Enjoy


It's the biggest cliche around: girls love chick flicks (aka romantic comedies or super mushy romantic dramas) and guys love action movies. Stereotypes much?! Since dinner-and-a-movie is such a classi...

13 Things To Remember When Your Ex Wants You Back


Technology is probably the most annoying, frustrating, and basically just the worst thing to have around when you’ve just broken up with someone. You see their stupid tweets, Instagram posts of their ...

12 Reality Shows We Wish Existed


If reality TV isn’t your guilty pleasure, you’re probably lying. No matter how much we try to claim that we’re above watching total strangers yelling at each other or having arguments that don’t make ...

12 Of Our Fave Kardashian Workouts


Want a body like the Kardashians? Of course you do. Everyone wants to look as fit, beautiful, and super healthy as this super famous family. What we love about the reality TV clan is that they make no...

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