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15 Signs You've Been Single For Too Long


Being a member of the single woman club can feel pretty special at first. You’re being offered an endless supply of pizza, wine, and Netflix. Come on, who wouldn’t love that? you definitely do. Well, ...

20 Hot Photos Of Harry Styles You Need To See


Harry Styles has just dropped his new single, “Sign of The Times” and it’s safe to say that his career is just getting started. He has critics asking questions like “Is Harry Styles the new Bowie?” an...

15 Reasons To Go On More Second Dates


In this crazy dating world, second dates are pretty rare (unfortunately). You hate that this is true and yet you know it always works out this way. You want to see someone again if you got along with ...

15 Popular Movies You Actually Hate


Movies are a pretty subjective thing. While there are definitely some gems out there that are obviously good and that pretty much everyone loves (like 90s childhood faves such as Home Alone), there ar...

15 Reasons We Hate Meredith Grey


Meredith Grey is definitely not an easy character to like... and that's basically the entire point. The protagonist of Grey's Anatomy has definitely gone through a lot in her life and there's a reason...

15 Signs You're Selfish AF

Girl Talk

Are you a selfish person? You would probably say no way, but chances are you're a lot more self-centered than you think. Sometimes this is true even if you're in a serious relationship, but most of th...

15 Celebs Who Would Make The WORST BFFs


While you definitely have a great group of girlfriends and would not trade them for anything, it is pretty normal to look at your favorite celebrities and wonder what life would be like if you called ...

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