Articles by Ashley Cunningham

15 Things Your Mother Was Right About

Girl Talk

Most of us didn't listen to dear old mom. We thought we knew it all and she was only trying to stop us from having fun! We ignored all of her advice and figured we had life figured out by the tender a...

15 Things To Do While You Are Single

Girl Talk

After what seemed like years of being  in a relationship you have suddenly found yourself single! Congratulations girl! Being single is the perfect time to recreate yourself. You have much more time o...

15 DIY Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day


If you haven't noticed from the displays at every Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or convenience store, not to mention the hundreds of commercials that play every single hour, Valentine's day is right around ...

15 Reasons Why He STILL Hasn't Proposed


You've been waiting days, weeks, months, maybe even years to hear those magical words. You've hinted at it, obsessed over it and all but screamed it to him, your friends, your mother and pretty much a...

15 Signs You Are Replacing His Mom


You come home from picking him up some new underwear, deodorant and body wash. After picking his suit up from the cleaners you realize you forgot to purchase him some new socks. His old socks are worn...