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19 Stories From Real BFs Who Stayed

Love & Heartbreak

When a relationship feels like it’s over, it’s probably over. If something is ending then it needs to end, not get dragged out for decades until there’s irreparable damage done to both of you. Unfortu...

RANKED: 15 Worst Celeb Outfit Choices Of 2017


2017 is coming to an end, which means it’s time for all the best of, worst of, and what-the-heck-were-they-thinking lists. We’re kicking things off with one list that we’ve been keeping our eyes on al...

15 Photos Of The AHS Cast Out Of Character


American Horror Story took the world by storm when it first came out, and it’s continuing to prove that people LOVE getting scared. There’s something about the feeling of thrill you get while watching...

15 Things He Does (That He Shouldn't)

Love & Heartbreak

Enough is enough. Maybe you’re in a relationship, or maybe you’re recently single. Maybe you haven’t even gotten to the relationship phase yet. For some reason there’s something you’re doing, or, more...

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